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Coin Videos

Ancient coins Coins from antiquity, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and India
Auction Auction sales and history
Bank notes Bank notes, script, checks, and other paper items
Civil War Coins & notes of the Union, Confederacy and individual states
Clubs Club information
Collectibles Items collectible in nature while not specifically coins or paper money
Colonial coins Coins and notes from the early days of America
Commemoratives Commemorative coins
Convention Opening ceremonies & news from the bourse floor
Coppers Coins struck in copper including Colonials, half & large cents, Lincolns
Counterfeits Includes examples, how-to-tell, stories and more
Documentaries Videos of higher production value and/or pieces that aired on television
Educational Lectures aimed at conveying information about collecting
Estate Planning Ways for consumers to protect themselves and best way to preserve their assets
Errors & Varieties Anything that is a mistake or variety
Exonumia Items that are coin related but not a coin
Gold Stories about gold coins, mints, etc.
Grading Grading and toning on coins
Great Britain Coinage of Great Britain including hammered and milled
Historical Presentations that focus on a specific event or time period in history
Investment Presentations that offer consumer protection or how the coin market functions
Medals See "Tokens & Medals"
Numismatic Presentations sponsored by collector organizations
Paper Money See "Banknotes"
Personalities Noted personalities or famous people that deliver the lecture or are discussed
Series Various series
Silver Dollars All dollar coins from the first to the present
Territorial Issues from the time of private mints and Gold Rushes
Tokens & Medals US & world, Indian Peace, Conders, Hard Times, Civil War and more
Treasure Shipwrecks and historical finds
U.S. coins United States coins for collecting
Varieties See "Errors & Varieties"
World coins Ancients and any presentations that include coins of the world

Even More
DVD Titles!

We continue to bring you the largest and most diverse offering of numismatic DVD titles in the world. The American Numismatic Association recently held the annual World's Fair of Money in Boston. This convention hosts the prestigious Maynard Sundman/Littleton Coin Lecture Series along with the well-known ANA Numismatic Theatre presentations. Some of the most respected authorities in the coin hobby delivered some great topics. Check out the New Releases to find something to whet your coin collecting appetite.

Thank you again.

David Lisot
Executive Producer

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Last updated: 05/25/11