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About Us

ADVISION, Incorporated, our parent company, is a Colorado corporation founded in 1985, that:
  • Specializes in producing and distributing news, video and documentary productions about coins and collectibles.
  • Works with major collector organizations to videotape and professionally package lectures delivered at their conferences.
  • Produces award-winning documentaries that have aired on Public Television and other channels.
  • Distributes programs produced by other companies that are historically important and relate to various collector fields.
We are interested in acquiring and distributing additional programs about coins and collectibles. We are interested in working with other collector organizations anywhere in the United States to help videotape their conventions and lecture presentations. We are interested in new production of documentaries about organizations, museums, companies or groups that are involved in the world of collecting.

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Even More
DVD Titles!

We continue to bring you the largest and most diverse offering of numismatic DVD titles in the world. The American Numismatic Association recently held the annual World's Fair of Money in Boston. This convention hosts the prestigious Maynard Sundman/Littleton Coin Lecture Series along with the well-known ANA Numismatic Theatre presentations. Some of the most respected authorities in the coin hobby delivered some great topics. Check out the New Releases to find something to whet your coin collecting appetite.

Thank you again.

David Lisot
Executive Producer

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Last updated: 05/25/11